Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Job description
Asktoks is hiring for the position of a communications associate. This role will entail supporting the coordination and implementation of the communication activities in different parts of Asktoks maintaining and developing working relationships with existing partner organizations and exploring opportunities to involve new potential partners in our work.


The associate will be supervised by the principal consultant and will work closely with the members of the Asktoks Team. You will be trained on-the-job and begin with mostly administrative and clerical duties. Asktoks is a small (but growing) team and as such, additional responsibilities may include:

  •     Coordinating the communications output within the company
  •     Liasing with PR team, and reporting to the principal consultant.
  •     Maintaining and developing existing partnerships, whilst also identifying new organisations to work with. Take a leading role liaising with partners to develop, deliver and evaluate projects. will also work alongside other staff
  •     Liaising with other staff Asktoks to strategically manage and deliver projects which are part of our mission
  •     Collaborating with existing and new partners to identify projects for support and work with them to deliver, monitor and evaluate these projects
  •     Liaising with the team to manage the provision of toolkits/equipment for project
  •     Reporting on the outcomes and impact of projects internally to assist with program development and externally to project funders; and be ready to share this information with our volunteer and supporter base to raise awareness of our work



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